Add Games

Managing your games to your ByteBrew account is simple and easy. Use the following sections below to manage your games.

Adding New Games

1: Go to ByteBrew Dashboard

Go to your ByteBrew Dashboard Games Page and click "Add New"

2: Select the Mobile Platform of your Game

Fill in the relevant game information in the prompt based on the mobile platform requirements for Android vs. iOS.

Remove Games

1: Go to your ByteBrew Dashboard Settings page

Navigate to your ByteBrew Settings page on the dashoard.

2: Select the "Studio Apps" section

Choose which game you're wanting to remove and click "archive" next to the game. Your game will be deleted from your apps and removed from the platform.

Add Developers to Games

To add a user to your only your game (without attaching them to your studio account), go to the "Settings" page under your Game and click the "Developers Attached" tab.

Select the "+ Add a New User" button to open the add team prompt. Type in the email of developer you wish to add to the game and select their role.