Push Notification Users

The Push Notification User dashboard lets developers view their users who have enabled push notifications in thier game. In this page you can target test notifications or add test users to a favorite list.

note Note: ByteBrew operates on UTC Time Zone.

Users List

This will only load 500 users from the filters you select. We recommend setting a developer custom data attribute you can easily filter by.

Filtering Data

Developers can filter their users by the following:
- User ID (semicolon seperate), You can get the ByteBrew User ID from the SDKs. Checkout your relevant SDK Methods.
- Custom Data (semicolon seperate), You can add user level custom data attributes from the SDKs. Checkout your relevant SDK Methods.
- Device (semicolon seperate)
- Country (semicolon seperate)

Adding/Removing Test Users

1: Adding Test Users
Developers can add test users from the users table.
2: Removing Test Users
Developers can remove test users, you will most likely do this if the test user uninstalled, and you need to add a new user.