Users Dashboard

Located under Push Notification, the User dashboard let's you send test notifications to your test devices to see how your messages look before they're sent to your players.

Required to Start using Users Dashboard


To start using the Users dashboard in Push Notifications, you must first have initialized the ByteBrew SDK and added the single code line for push notifications in your integration. On the ByteBrew dashboard, make sure have created your push app and setup your app's iOS and/or Android push notification settings.

Sending Test Notifications


Using the Users dashboard, you can locate your test devices and send test notifications from your game. See sections below on how to add test users and send test notifications:

Adding a Test User

To add a test user on the Users dashboard, follow the steps below:


Find Your Test Device: Locate the device you're testing with on the Users list. If you can't find your device, try re-opeing your app and refreshing the dashboard page to see your device re-surface.


Select Test Device as a Test User: Once found, click add "Test User" button to have the test device marked as a test device.

Sending a Test Notification

After you've marked your test devices, you can send notifications as tests to those select devices by following the steps below:


Choose Test Device: Hit "Send Push" on the Test User you've saved.


Select Test Message to Send: Choose the test message that you wish to send to the test device.

Remove Test User

To remove a test user, click the "Remove Test User" button next to the user.


The Users dashboard will show up to 250 of the latest users who have used your app. To locate your device to label as a tester, try using the filter options. Additionally, try re-playing your game or app to have your device resurface as a recent user on the dashboard.

One common reason this happens is because you have uninstalled and re-installed your app or game. If you have uninstalled and re-installed your app or game, your device will now show up as a new user, so you must relocate your device and re-tag yourself as a tester.

Push notifications act differently depending on the device manufacturer. If your device is below 30% battery, you have on battery saver mode, or high memory usage from background apps, your device may store the message for a later time.