A/B Testing

A/B Testing gives developers the ability to set different config values based on set groups of users. You can segment user KPIs based on which tests are set in their games. These values are set on the fly without having to submit new versions of their games to the app stores.

Setting Up A/B Tests

Use the "+ A/B Test" button to open the setting to create a test.
1: Name the test, this will only be for your use
2: Set different filters you want to target
3: Slide the the new user amount to a certain percentage of new users that you want to be included on the test
4: Input the key you want to use for retrieving the value, A/B tests will be distributed like a remote config.
5: Input the value you want to be distributed, add more config groups to diversify more of the test.
6: Set the start and end dates of when you want to expirement the A/B Test.
7: Select the Goal metric you want to target the test towards.