Push Notifications

Managing your Push Notification Apps on your ByteBrew account is easy. Use the following sections below to manage your apps.

Adding A New Push Notification App

1: Go to ByteBrew Push Notification Dashboard

Go to your ByteBrew Push Notification Dashboard Page and click "Add New Push Notification App"

2: Enter a name

This is just a nickname for your push notification app, will not be used for anything else.

3: Select the Android & iOS ByteBrew App

Select an Android & iOS App you created from the ByteBrew App Dashboard. If you haven't created one yet go back to the App Dashboard and create a new game. At least one platform type is required to create a push notification app.

Remove Push Notification App

1: Go to Push App Settings

Go to your Push Notification App Settings page

2: Select the "Archival App" section

Select the "Archival App" Section on the dashboard.

3: Press "Delete Push Notification App"

Be careful this will remove all settings and configs for this push notification app. This will only remove your push notification app. It will not affect your ByteBrew Game App.