Push Notifications

Create different types of push notifications to send to users, and tailor them based on your user's traits.

Setting Up A Push Notification

Use the "+ Notification" button to open the prompt on creating a notification.

Creating Push Notifications

1: Select the trigger of the notification

Pick whether the notification is triggered by the user entering a segment or by repetition during a time and day.

Note: if you use "User Enters a Segment" trigger with a segment that does not have a time condition like "Last Played" or "First Played" then the trigger will not be called. Use the other two triggers for non time conditioned segments.

2: Input the following:
1: Name the push notification
2: Input the "Title" of the push notification
3: Input the "Subtitle" of the push notification, this is not required and only occurs on iOS
4: Input the "Body" of the push notification.
3: Android Extras (Optional)

Checkout your respective SDK Implementation on where to input the icons/images, this will default to the small icon showing your app icon and large icon not displaying.

1: Small Icon, input the name of the image/resource that is being used as your small notification icon.
2: Large Icon, input the name of the image/resource that is being used as your large notification icon.
4: Select Segment

Select the segment you want the push notification to target. You need to create a segment or pick all users.

5: Extra Langauges (Optional)

Select the extra languages you want to filter for. This will add more Notification Message Setting per language.