Player Progression

The progression dashboard gives developers daily breakdown of your game's progression metrics such as; level starts, level begins, and our real-time player funnelling system.

note Note: ByteBrew operates on UTC Time Zone.

Setting Up Funnels

ByteBrew progression funnels are real-time, no-time-to-compute, reports that show developers their player's journey through their games. Developers can add funnels accross each part of their games by following the steps below.

1: Create New Funnel

Start making a funnel by hitting the "Funnel Settings" button on the dashboard and selecting to add a funnel in the settings prompt.

2: Select Levels to Track

From there, use the drop down boxes to select the levels you wish to track for the funnel and push "Save".

free_breakfast Creating Multiple Funnels: You can build multiple funnels for your games by clicking the "Add Funnel".