AdMob: Monetization

Integration Process:

1: Go into your Google Cloud Console and enable the AdMob API
2: Go to your API & Services consoles Credentials panel
3: Add a new credential set, select OAuth client ID. If there is a message requiring a OAuth Consent Screen setup, create a consent screen and make sure publishing status is in production.
4: Inside for Application Type, select application as "Web Application".
5: Add a new credential set, select OAuth client ID.
6: In "Authorized JavaScript origins" add ""
7: In "Authorized redirect URIs" add ""
8: Create the credential and copy the Client ID and Client Secret
9: Add all the required credentials then hit authorize and follow the Google Auth flow.


To integrate Admob in ByteBrew, developers must input the following credentials from Admob into your monetization settings under the ByteBrew dashboard.

1: Client ID from the integration process
2: Client Secret from the integration process
3: Publisher ID from your admob settings
4: App ID of your app being monetized